Lost girl’s [diary] – Easy achievement unlocking

This is a quick script for the Steam game Lost girl’s [diary] that automatically skips all scenes. While you could do this manually with SPACE/LeftClick, the last achievement requires the user to left click 1000 times, which is honestly boring. Start the script while running the game, press F12 to activate it, and wait for the credits screen. Once finished don’t forget to close the script from the taskbar tray.

Download the script and binary from: Dropbox

Be aware that the script was wrote using AutoHotkey, and compiled with AHK2EXE, which triggers a false positive with some Antivirus software. You can run the script uncompiled if you have AutoHotkey installed.

A copy of the source code:

SendMode Input
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%

If (toggle := !toggle)
SetTimer, Timer, -1

while toggle
Sleep (10)

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